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General Money Making Tips

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Be Nice To People:
Another no brainer, but be sure to be nice and respectful when closing a sale because they are paying you for something that they could get somewhere else. Plus, it might even net you some additional sales down the road and increase your reputation on the server.

Don't Be A Ninja:
If you're in a group and you need an item, ask first. If you just want that item, again, ask. If you roll need on a item you can't use or just because, that makes you a ninja, and yes, ninjas don't get re-invited into groups.

Hit The Smaller Instances:
If you are a higher level player (45-60), there are lesser instances that you can solo to get additional money. Granted, most items coming from places like ShadowFang Keep and BlackFathom Deeps aren't worth a lot, but keep your eye out for rare items that fetch handsome prices on the AH as players buy them for ALTs.

Find Limited Recipes:
Most recipes can be bought from a specific vendor, however some can only be bought once or maybe twice from a vendor in a certain time frame. The recipes that have limited availability and have a vendor who may not be easy to get to will usually sell very well.

Secondary Profession Books:
A corollary to the above rule might be to not sell unlimited purchasable items. However, the exception to that rule is that books for advanced Cooking, First Aid, and Fishing tend to sell marginally well and can be usually purchased for a gold a piece. Sell it for 1.5 or 2 world of warcraft gold on the AH and that profit will add up over time. Just be careful not to flood the market with these.

Ride Like The Wind:
I know part of the reason for these tips is to be able to purchase a mount, but once you have a mount, that is a tremendous speed boost in your gathering ability that can help you earn money at a faster rate. Plus, it's nice to be able to travel at faster speeds.

Neutral Auction Houses:
Keep you eye out for factional type stuff that can be sold over the neutral AH for a decent profit. Recipes, pets, items, and more can all be sold for wow  gold if you have the patience.
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