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How to make wow gold:Buying items

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You see something you like, and want to buy it. Keep a few things in mind however.
Is the item priced correctly? Some people try to scam you by putting up 6 items for 99s, then sneak in one for 99g. Be careful !
Also make sure that you're buying full stacks if that's your intention, some people try to sneak in a few stacks of 15-16 items in between full stacks, and still price them the same.

When you see certain large and expensive items, keep in mind that it never hurts to try and bargain.
If you see a pattern for 200g that you'd like. but you don't want to wait for the auction to end, or buy wow gold from the person for 200g, it never hurts to see if that person is online and give him a quick sale offer.
I've gotten several patterns this way for less than 50% of the listed value. It'll save you a lot of money.
(money saved = money gained)

Before buying something consider if you can farm it yourself, or even craft it yourself. (or ask if somebody can make it with your materials)
You'll end up saving a lot of cash this way and avoid buying world of warcraft gold from the AH.
This way money saved is money gained.

If some bunch of herbs, metal or other item would costs you 50g, and you could farm this item yourself then it's generally wise to just farm it yourself.
When farming you get lots of gray trash extra, as well as other items which would result in a higher profit / hour than you'd save in time by buying it off the AH while farming something else for cash.

Lets say you could farm kingsblood at a speed of 80 herbs per hour. About 20 wow gold worth on the AH.
It might seem expensive for herbs, but in the same time you could be farming primal air or fire, at a speed of 10 primals per hour. about 20g each = 200g in an hour time.
So, farming primal air, and selling those, you'd be spending your time a lot more efficient than you would by running around looking for kingsblood.

Now, the only problem that comes up is,, limited stock.
It's perfectly possible that there aren't more than 1-2 stacks of kingsblood on the auction house. In which case you'd be forced to farm it yourself.

You can always look at the AH on a daily basis and get the amount you need 1-2 stacks a day.
Spending a bit of money this way can get you more money indirectly.

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