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How to make wow gold:Do's and Don'ts for the AH

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The Auction House is a special place. Some people make their first wow gold there, while to others it's a constant source of frustration and loss of money. You'll find all the latest crafting recipes here, gems and precious metals, gear for all your characters and more.
But, you have to learn to look at it objectively.
Every auction that you see, is put up there by a player much like yourself and only for one reason. To make money.

Most items on there are priced "way" above what they're worth. If not way above what you should be paying for something.
Of course time is money but why pay 3g for a stack of copper bars, if you can pay 50s to some low level player to go and farm you some? Delegating is a nice word. Abuse of low level players for cheap labour is quite another.

Now, there's a number of people using the auction house. Let's stick some quick labels on them.
Keep in mind, i just made these up. If there's anyone who's got a more official term for these type of players feel free to correct me.
* Auctioneer. The guy who looks at everything, buys anything if it's below a certain % for his profit margin and resells it for lots more cash. Some beginning auctioneers will target specific markets such as primals, enchanting materials or green items.
* Monopolist. The guy that keeps "all" auctions of a certain type (copper bars for example) and resells them at a price that he wants to sell them. Generally a lot higher than the average. In due time the farmers will pick up on this and start putting up large amounts of auctions for "just a bit" lower than the monopolist is trying to sell his goods, and collapse his market.
* Clueless. The people that put up metals, herbs, and greens for the default vendor price. Auctioneers love these people.
* AH Value guy. The guy who looks at the AH for determining the value of items. Generally this means he'll be quoting you the price that mr. Auctioneer put up just an hour ago.
* Browser. Average player who looks trough the auctions on a day by day basis to see what the value of his bank's contents are. Will occassionally put up several stacks of items when he feels the value is right for him.
* Farmer. Some people love nothing more than farm farm farm, which in time will drive the price of a certain item down quite a lot. Farmers are very competitive and will generally try to compete over a price with each other because they want their farmed goods to sell fast.
* Flood poster. Annoying creatures who flood the auction house with stacks of "1". I've seen as much as 3 pages (3x50 auctions) from a single person doing this. They tend to overprice their items, but due to the flooding (and blizzard's poor sorting system) all the other auctions get pushed back to the later pages.
* You. How do you use the auctions ?

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