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How to make wow gold :Farming hotspots

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* Deviate fish : Wailing Caverns (just outside the instance portal works best)
* Copper : Ghostlands works quite well, Dun moroch, and Durotar.
* Iron : I get a lot of my iron from Arathi highlands, with the occassional mithril.
* Mithril : The hinterlands work very nice.
* Thorium : Silithus, especially now that the mobs aren't elite anymore in the hives.
* Adamantite : Nagrand is commonly known to be a good spot, but exactly because of that, it's not. Try Shadowmoon, or netherstorm if you're trying to farm during the more busy hours of the day.
* Primal Air : Nagrand for Engineers, Elemental plateau is rather crowded and doesn't have much spawn points, Shadowmoon valley both north and south side.
* Primal Fire : North side of Blade's edge, Elemental plateau - again rather crowded, Shadowmoon valley. Miners will also get these quite frequently from mining on netherwing ledge in shadowmoon, or mining fel iron.
* Primal Mana : Engineers can fly around Netherstorm, lots drop in Karazhan, herbalists will pick up the occassional one from netherbloom, and there's a great spot southeast in netherstorm as well to farm these.
* Primal Life : Zangarmarsh northeast works "okish", herbalists will get these from just about any plant and can also get them from killing the giants in Skettis (terrokar)`
* Primal Water : Engineers can fly around Zangarmarsh, or if you have decent fishing these can be obtained pretty fast by just fishing "all" pools of special fish in nagrand / terrokar highs. (make sure you get the fish tracking book)
* Primal Shadow : A bit tricky to get now that demons no longer drop them but netherstorm Manaforge Ultis (i think) has a lot of void elementals around it. There's also a number of them southeast and south in hellfire peninsula but their droprate is a lot lower. And if you are an engineer, you can fly around Shadowmoon.
* Primal Earth : These are quite easy to get and very commonly drop from Adamantite ore spots as a miner. Also available from (again) the elemental plateau, as well as the south side of nagrand.
* Aldor rep items : A great place is the west side of shadowmoon, or north side of netherstorm.
* Scryer rep items : Netherstorm has loads of farm spots, and there's a good spot south in shadowmoon. Make sure you check thott as some of these can also drop a recipe for enchanters.
* Medium leather : There's a little hidden grove in the north side of Ashenvale where there are a number of "worgen". They spawn incredibly fast and should be able to provide you with more corpses than you can skin.
* Rugged leather : Winterspring, yeti cave. If you're a miner as well there's the occassional rich thorium here too.
* Knothide leather : Nagrand works quite well. If you can skin the clefthoof bulls you'll also be getting clefthoof meat which can be cooked into strength food, and more importantly "Thick Clefthoof Leather" which is worshipped by all tanking classes and twinks and usually sells quite easily.
* Cobra Scales : These can be farmed near a cave in the north side of shadowmoon, or in the west side of nagrand. Personally i prefer the nagrand spot, you can ignore the birds even though they are "red".
* Small eggs : It's christmas soon, that means eggs will be in demand. The absolute best spot to get these is westfall. There used to be a graveyard with 5 unlimited spawn points next to each other but that one's been nerfed sadly. Another hotspot is still available directly east of Sentinel Hill, but the birds share a spawn cycle with the boars there. Don't let this deter you however, just kill anything that spawns. Ranged class recommended.
* Primal Nether : You can farm those? Well, not so much, but if you're a member of a good guild you can clear Karazhan in 3-4 hours and get 22 heroic badges. 20 badges = 2 nethers. Not amazing profit as you can only do it once a week, but you'd get plenty of void crystals on top of that as well.

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