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How to make wow gold :Farming

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The most obvious way to get what items you need is by farming for it.
Farming can be tedious business, and because of this i highly recommend combining multiple farming actions into 1 session.

Based on market prices, or your ability to farm a certain mob, you need to decide what to farm.

Some modifiers:
* You need scryer reputation
* Your alt needs aldor reputation
* You want to work on your sword skill
* You need cash badly and fast
* The AH value of primal air is huge at the moment
* You need to farm some basilisk meat for the raid tomorrow
* You're working on your cooking skill and need fish or meat
* You have some quests in a certain area that include killing a lot of mobs or a friend that needs certain mobs killed for a quest
* You are trying to collect a certain recipe for your crafting profession
* You (as a hunter) have recently trained a new pet, and it needs levels or loyalty

You see, there's all sorts of activities you can combine to make the farming more worthwhile.

The core business however, is what to farm.
Some examples of items that are commonly in demand (more near the bottom of this post) :
* Arcane dust / Planar Essenses / Prismatic Shards. These are more of a side product while farming however.
* Aldor / Scryer reputation items
* Primal Air, Primal Water, Primal Fire, etc.
* Reputation or Quest items such as: Unidentified plant parts, stranglethorn pages, certain meats, netherwing ore.
* Gems, Ore, Herbs, Leather, etc. But those were already handled fairly well in section 2.

Just pick something randomly, see if it's on the auction house and check the value.
Now, a key figure that many people forget is "when" to farm.
Obviously between 1300-1700 server time, all the farmers will be out and about farming anything that's profitable.
If you can start early, or late at night you'll have less competition, and so more profit.

However, "when to farm" doesn't only relate to the server time. It also requires you to look and compare the auction prices of popular items. Supply & Demand you know?
For example, one day there are 20 Primal Air on the AH for about 30g each.
Another day, there's 5 Primal Air on the AH for about 50g each.
You see what i'm thinking?

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