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How to make wow gold :Green gems

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How to make wow gold :Green gems
Here things get tricky to calculate.
Now, if you're an addict prospecter i'm sure you've got a few hundred of each color of green quality gem sitting around in a bank alt somewhere.
How would you like to make some easy profit out of them?
Sure you could sell them to the vendor for 25s ea, as nobody will buy them off the AH anyway. But there is a better way.

Azure Moonstone Ring : Lets say 2g to make.
1x Fel Iron Bar : 1g
2x Azure Moonstone : ~30s*2
1x Deep Peridot : ~30s

Disenchanting according to thottbot :
Arcane Dust 178.5% : 1.78*1.15 : 2g 04s 7c
Lesser Planar Essence 63.5% : 0.635*2.6667 : 1g 69s 33c
Small Prismatic Shard 2.0% : 0.02*10 : 20s
Total value : 3g 93s 4c

Golden Draenite Ring : About 1g 60s to make, expected return value ~3g50s
1x Fel Iron Bar : 1g
2x Golden Draenite : ~30s*2

Fel Iron Blood Ring : About 1g 60s to make, expected return value ~3g50s
1x Fel Iron Bar : 1g
2x Blood Garnet : ~30s*2

Also somewhat interesting, but depends on what you can get for Small Radiant shards on your server.
Aquamarine signet : About 2g-4g to make, 6-7g return value.
3xAquamarine : 50s-1g *3 is about 1g50-3g, 2g25 median.
4xFlask of Mojo : 10s-25s, 50s-1g total

Arcanoweave bracers : 18g 60s to make, 30-35g return
6x Bolt of Netherweave : 5g 60s
12x Arcane Dust : 12g
2x Rune Thread : 1g (Bit less depending on rep)

Not much of interest that i can see at this time. The thread mentioned these 2, but my server's economy doesn't really support it as worthwhile. Perhaps yours is different.

Fel Iron Breastplate : 10g to make, about 7g return value, got worth it.
Arcane Dust 266.9% : 2.669*1.15 : 3g 6s 93c
Greater Planar Essence 33.9% : 2g 71s 2c
Large Prismatic Shard 3.7% : 1g 11s


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