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How to make wow gold:How to use the AH

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So, there's several ways to use the auction house. You can steal the market and manipulate prices, play into the prices of others, sell stuff fast or slow. It's a completely different game with it's own set of rules. Here's some thoughts that should in help you get better results however.

If you sell an item, the normal auction house takes 5% off the sale price. If an item doesn't sell the AH keeps your initial deposit. Initial deposit is 15% of the vendor value per 12 hours. (so 60% for 48 hours)
The neutral AH takes 15% of the sale price, and 75% per 12 hours as initial deposit fee, pretty ridiculous. So you can see why so few people use the neutral AH.

Some items that don't have a vendor value (enchanting materials) don't have an initial deposit fee, so they can be put up for 12 hours or 48 hours with no difference in your initial fees.

Before you put items up, check what other people are selling the same item for.
Some days an item's average value will be higher or lower than others. Generally it's a good idea to put up auctions on friday evening or early saturday morning.
If there's a large number of items already on there, at a pretty low price, it'll generally be a better idea to just leave it for the time being and post it later. Alternatively you could buy wow gold out all the low priced goods and relist them at double price. This is very risky practice however and should not be attempted unless you have a lot of cash to spare and are pretty sure it'll turn out ok. Start with something cheap wow gold such as copper or iron.

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