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How to make wow gold in WOTLK

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How to make wow gold: Find out which consumables/inscriptions are in demand for wow poer leveling and produce those. Produce enchants that increase DPS that is cheap to make and green gems that aren't too expensive that players can throw into their socket equipment they get from questing.

Buying and Selling on the Auction House

This can be very dangerous to do right now with all the crazy prices, its hard to rely on auctioneer's stored prices since all of those are wrong after WOTLK came out. Level 60-70 BOE recipes/gear are pretty much worthless. All raw materials/cloth above level 70 are going for a ridiculously inflated price.

How to make gold: Keep an eye out for those level 19, 29, 39, 49, 59 twink items. A lot of people will put aside their lower level BG twinks right now to work on their main, but when they want to take a break and do a little PVP there will for sure still be a market for these same items that were so popular before. Also still buy/sell any plate items that would appeal to a leveling Death Knight as they still need to go through lvl 55-80   but keep in mind their starting gear they get from early quests are already RARE quality.

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