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Making Gold As Druid

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Are you asking how to make gold in World of Warcraft? If so then like any other player, until you reach 70, quests are the best way to make money - you then can grind specific things for the auction house: Marks of Sargeras and Kil'Jadeen sell very well, Khorium ore can be lucrative and high level enchanting materials always sell.

   In the World of Warcraft, each profession has own way to make wow gold. That's to say, different professions have different ways to make gold on their own way. Here we will mainly talk about Druid making money ways. Druid gold farming is very spec dependent.Druid is one of the coolest characters to play in World of Warcraft and as a hybrid, the character class has a lot of natural advantages. The shape-shifting ability is pretty cool too and can get you out of a lot of tight in the game.
There're many neat methods and strategies in this game for making gold, and I can't begin to cover all of them in the scope of this guide, but I can give you a few tips I've learned and help you find a strategy of your own.

Earning money with a druid in World of Warcraft can be a very easy process if you use the abilities of your druid effectively. The druid combines the ability of a good fighter with a spell caster and a healer, the key though is to use these abilities together effectively to earn you gold.

When you start out, grinding is the real key to earning money with a druid. Most druid players will take Skinning/Leatherworking, which can enhance the druid’s ability to earn plenty of world of warcraft gold. At low levels the ability for the druid to fight well and heal themselves is a great bonus. So, you should try to get familiar and comfortable with your druid by taking on different areas of the game and lower level instances alone. By knowing your character and how they perform in different situations, you'll know what the best areas are to grind in and which instances will be the best for you to head into.

Skinning and Leatherworking allow you to make your own armor, which can be very useful and can save your money at the Auction House. Herbalism and Alchemy are a flexible choice that gives you many options for buffing yourself, as well as providing you with health and mana potions to sustain you, but as a class with the ability to heal, Druids may not gain the same benefits from Alchemy that non-healing classes like Rogues and Warriors get. Mining and Jewelcrafting is a nice option at higher levels, when you'll be finding many pieces of gear with slots ready to be filled, and at lower levels it allows you to fill your necklace and ring slots with nice items, but it's definitely a combination that favors high-leveled players. First and foremost Mining and Engineering is a PvP favorite, since it gives you a lot of flexibility and utility in PvP, and since bombs are especially useful to Night Elf Druids who lack a stun in caster form, but Engineering has always been a tremendous money sink. Enchanting is a strong option, as well, since it allows you to enchant your own equipment, but Enchanting can be very expensive to learn and would best be paired with a gathering profession like mining, herbalism or skinning to offset the cost.
   However for raw money-making, nothing beats a pair of gathering professions. All the way skinning is a good choice, since it doesn't require "Tracking" anything on the minimap, freeing that option up for one of the other gathering trades. Mining makes strong money early on with copper bars, but Herbalism doesn't fare as well with its lower-level herbs. Herbalism does ramp up during the mid- levels, however, while Mining has traditionally slowed down after copper. This fact may have changed thanks to Jewelcrafting, however, since now three crafting professions require the objects gathered from Mining, as opposed to only one with Herbalism. The best thing to do is to check your server's Auction Houses to determine the average prices and supply of popular herbs and ores before you make up your mind which gathering trade to pick up. Here racial abilities may make a difference too, since Tauren get a bonus to their Herbalism skill.

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