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Making Money With Cooking

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If you think cooking is a useless profession, banish the thought. It's been greatly buffed in The Burning Crusade and I now recommend everyone to get 375 cooking, as it can be very useful and profitable for you.

The best profession to use together with cooking is skinning. The reason, of course, is that beasts can be skinned and often drop meat that can be cooked, so you kill two birds with one stone.

Here I will give you some profitable ideas for making wow gold with cooking (and skinning).

Mok'Nathal Shortribs. Kill any of these raptors in Blade's Edge Mountains. They don't drop any specialty leather, just the normal Knothide Leather and Knothide Leather Scraps, but roughly 1 in 3 will drop the reagent for the shortribs, which is worth 1 world of warcraft gold or more when cooked and sold on the Auction House. If you kill 100 mobs per hour, that's 33 extra gold with cooking.
A better idea, or one that can be combined with the raptors, is to kill serpents in Blade's Edge Mountains. They have a chance to drop Wind Scales when skinned, a special leather which can be worth 1-3 wow gold or more depending on your server. They also drop serpent flesh, that when cooked becomes Crunchy Serpent which is worth around 1 g each on the AH.
Selling Warp Burgers (what a great name) is something else you can try. By killing warp hunters in terokkar forest you're getting a 50% drop chance of warped flesh, that you can cook into Warp Burgers that sell for 1 g each. That's 50 g an hour just for that if you kill 100 per hour.
Roasted Clefthoof doesn't sell for more than 7 wow gold per stack, or so, usually. However, with a 50% drop rate of Clefthoof Meat from Clefthoof Bulls, that also have a 30% drop rate of Thick Clefthoof Leather when skinned, you can make 150 wow gold or more per hour here with skinning and cooking!
One of the great mysteries of life is that Talbuk Steak with the exact same properties as Mok'Nathal Shortribs is worth far less. However, that may be different on your server. In my experience, most of the good buff foods from Outlands can be sold for 1 g a piece. Talbuk Venison comes mostly from Talbuks in Nagrand and, since you'll be grinding on those beasts for some quests in that zone, make sure to keep and cook the meat they drop. Talbuks don't drop any specialty leather when skinned so it's hardly worth grinding on them just for the food and normal skins.
Blackened Basilisk sells for for 1 g a piece, and while I haven't found any really good place to grind basilisks, you should save all the Chunks o' Basilisk that you find in Outlands.
Ravager Dog is yet another food that you can sell for 1 g each. It's best farmed from ravagers in Hellfire Peninsula due to their lower level and HP, and they drop just as much ravager flesh as the higher level ravagers.
Clam Bar is a food with exactly the same buff as Talbuk Steak and Mok'Nathal Shortribs, but it restores less life. It still sells for 1 g each, though. The reagent comes from Jaggal Clams and is not really worth farming for all by itself. But hold on to any Jaggal Clam Meat you find. Also, when I go into the coilfang instances (Slave Pens, Underbog and Steamvaults) I will ask at the start and / or afterwards that all party members give me their clam meat if they don't need it, and you can get quite a few that way.


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