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Making Money With Cooking

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I find that they Azerothian (pre TBC) recipes are not really worth bothering with for world of warcraft gold. There is one I want to mention though: Egg Nog. This item is used during the "Christmas" season in WoW for a quest. Since everyone just wants to get it over with and many high level players can't be asked to farm the reagents, you can sell this for 1 gold each (maybe even more) for the first days of the Feast of Winter Veil. You should farm the small eggs in advance, and they are very easy to farm, so you can buy the spices immediately when the feast starts and put the egg nogs up for sale on the AH. For more reading on making money from egg nogs, read this (close to the end).
Another way to make some cheap wow gold with cooking is to purchase the raw reagents on the AH if you can find them cheaply, then cook them and sell the finished food expensively.

Keep in mind when selling food on the AH that the deposit is very low. Therefore you can demand the highest possible price and not worry about your auctions expiring, since you can relist them for cheap. I will often sell my food in stacks on 5.

The downside is that it can sometimes be hard to sell food. There just aren't too many players looking for buff foods, so you may have to relist repeatedly. But, as stated above, the costs for doing so are small.


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